New National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee Newsletter

A new edition of NWTRCC’s newsletter has just come out, with content including:

Another Rebeccaite action, as covered in the Cambrian:

Lampeter. — “’Becca Again.”

On , this peaceable little town was made the scene of this noted Lady’s antipathy to toll-bars, &c. The turnpike-gate, called the Pound Bar, was drawn from its hinges, and thrown over the bridge into the Tivy. Contrary to the usual practice, the work of destruction was conducted with but very little noise — a proof of the fewness of the party engaged. Various conjectures are afloat as to the author of this nocturnal outrage, but since this wonderful Lady has distinguished herself so much of late, this additional deed will add “another feather in her cap.” The toll-collectors begin to fear more visits than will be agreeable; but all we have to hope is, that this will end the proceedings in the neighbourhood, and “’Becca” will be convinced of the inutility of combating the strong arm of the law. — A Correspondent.