The Latest NWTRCC Newsletter

There’s a new issue of NWTRCC’s newsletter out, with content including:

Tax resistance is still an active part of the Greek Den Plirono movement. Here’s a video from several years back (new to me) of a driver destroying the toll bar across a Greek highway. And here are a couple of more recent reports of guerrilla electricians reconnecting the power to people who have been cut off by the state utility monopoly for inability (or unwillingness) to pay the austerity-inflated charges.

I’m still trying to track down details about this, but Don’t Mess With Taxes reports:

Passports and unpaid taxes: Thanks to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act of , a person’s passport could be revoked or denied if he or she owed a big federal tax bill. The spending bill clarifies the judicial review of certifications that would lead to the loss of travel papers.

Now there must be judicial review of the Treasury Secretary’s certification that an individual has a seriously delinquent tax debt, either in a U.S. district court or in the Tax Court. The provision also clarifies that the party against whom a Tax Court petition is filed is the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and provides a tie-breaker rule clarifying that the court first acquiring jurisdiction over the action has sole jurisdiction.