New National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee Newsletter

The new issue of More Than a Paycheck, NWTRCC’s newsletter, is on-line. Among the news you’ll find there:

  • Talking Taxes and Taking Action Against Military Spending — how activists are using “penny polls” to start a conversation about government spending priorities
  • Counseling Notes — how tax resisters can avoid getting preyed upon by “settle with the IRS for pennies on the dollar” companies; more “frivolous filing” overreach from the IRS; and increased use of IRS enforcement tactics isn’t leading to increased tax revenue
  • Many Thanks — to the generous donors who keep NWTRCC in business
  • Criminal Cases and Fear — Karl Meyer writes from the standpoint of decades of experience with war tax resistance about what factors increase the likelihood of criminal prosecution for war tax resistance. Larry Dansinger and Ruth Benn add two cents apiece.
  • War Tax Resisters in History — Ed Hedemann reviews some of his research into the U.S. government’s use of property seizures and criminal cases as tools against war tax resisters in the post-World War Ⅱ era
  • War Tax Resistance Ideas & Actions — Evan Reeves tries a new way of paying-as-a-protest; a look at the Quaker “Movement of Conscience” project; a review of Muriel T. Stackley’s War is a God that Demands Human Sacrifice; honoring peacemakers Martha Graber and Fern Goering; upcoming events at which NWTRCC will have a presence; and a look at the new $10.40 For Peace project, another attempt to ease peace activists into war tax resistance.
  • Resources — notes on the Death & Taxes DVD, the new “Thoreau and His Heirs: The History and the Legacy of Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience” study kit, and the NWTRCC fundraising scarves
  • NWTRCC News — a note on the upcoming national conference in Boston next month
  • a Profile of war tax resister Heather Snow