War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund Issues its Summer 2014 Appeal

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

  • The War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund has sent out its Summer 2014 appeal. They’re aiming to bring in $6,341 from fund subscribers to reimburse three war tax resisters who have lost penalties and interest in addition to the amounts they had refused to pay. Subscribers are being asked to pay $30 each towards this amount. In its last appeal, sent out in , the fund successfully raised $8,170 of the $10,410 it sought (this roughly 80% success rate is pretty typical of the fund — some subscribers move and can’t be reached, and others drop the ball, but most come through).
  • The number of Americans who are taxpatriating — abandoning their U.S. citizenship or residency status in order to get out from under the thumb of the IRS — continues to rise.

From the Cambrian (excerpt):

Swansea Police Committee.

This Committee assembled on .… A discussion then ensued respecting Jones, the informer against the parties committed on a charge of being concerned in the Rebecca riots. Since the information was given, it appears this individual has been living in the Inspector’s room at the station-house. — Messrs. Glover, Smith, and Walker, objected to keeping him in the station-house to the obstruction of business. If it were necessary to keep him in custody, either for protection or to ensure his attendance as a witness, they contended that he should be sent to the House of Correction. — Messrs. Benson and R.M. Philipps defended the Magistrates, who had ordered him to be kept in the station-house. — The Mayor thought the gentlemen who had made the complaint only wished to have a hit at the Magistrates.