More News From Tax Day 2014 (and 1972)

Here’s a bit more news from Tax Day this year:

Also, NWTRCC is collecting photos and reports from Tax Day war tax resistance actions across the country at its website.

There seems to have been less tax day protest than usual in the news this year. I saw next to nothing from the TEA Party folks, for instance.

And here is an example of a tax day action from days of yore. From the Troy, New York Times Record of :

Plan Protest Of Spending For Military

Albany peace workers will demonstrate outside the Internal Revenue Service office in their third successive tax day protest against military spending.

The demonstration, arranged by Albany SANE (Citizens Organization for a Sane World) and the Capital Area Tax Resistance Center, will take place on the sidewalk outside the IRS building at 161 Washington Ave., Albany,

The demonstrators will offer passersby slices of apple pie of a size to suggest how little is left over for welfare programs after the military takes its share of the national budget.