New National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee Newsletter

The latest issue of NWTRCC’s newsletter is now on-line, with articles including:

This dispatch comes from the Sag-Harbor Corrector of :

“If we mistake not, Spain is, after the Emperor of Morocco, the first power that has consented thus to signify its adhesion to a bloody despotism, resting upon a palpable violation of oaths the most sacred, and of rights the most incontestable. It is, indeed, a fine example to follow, that of the emperor of Morocco, & we only wonder the French ministry does not hasten to class itself among its imitators.” The ministry appears as unpopular as ever, and the associations, commenced in Brittany, to guarantee the tax payer against the consequences of refusing the payment of taxes imposed in any manner contrary to the charter, were spreading over France. Loraine and Paris have each established one — to that of Paris, three Deputies, Messrs. Dupont, (de l’Eure,) Manguin, and General Demarcay, subscribed. In doing so, M. Dupont writes, “Long ago I had resolved to refuse the payment of any tax not laid in confirmity with the constitutional charter, and it is therefore with all my heart that I unite with other citizens who have adopted the same resolution.”

The Gazette de France, a ministerial paper, speaks of these associations as delivering France into the hands of a directing committee (comite-directeur) of liberals.

These various associations and their tax resistance campaign eventually led to the downfall of King Charles Ⅹ in .