Tax Resistance News from the United States

Some tax resistance news briefs from the U.S.:

From the Monmouthshire Merlin:

Activity of the Carmarthenshire Magistracy, &c.

Precautionary measures to prevent the possibility of breach of the peace continue to be adopted by the magistracy. The marines have gone from Pater to Cardigan, and two troops of the Castlemartin yeomanry have arrived at Narbeth from Pembroke. About thirty of the fourth Dragoons left Carmarthen for Newcastle on , from which place they returned to Carmarthen on . Other troops are to be stationed here; and, in fact, the whole country is to be studded with soldiers, who are to be kept continually shifting their quarters, so that the Rebeccaites may be quite unable to calculate at any time upon their presence at any particular place. The magazine on Picton-terrace is to be formed into a barracks for troops, and it is said that two hundred or more will be stationed at Carmarthen. The gate-levellers have continued their nocturnal depredations as usual. We understand that Major Parlby has refused to allow his dragoons to be harassed any more by being sent about the country in the dead of night, on fruitless expeditions after Rebecca — they knock up their horses, and receive no marching money for it. Colonel Love and Colonel Trevor are still here. Lord Cawdor and Colonel Powell, lord-lieutenant of Cardiganshire, have been in Carmarthen during the week.