New National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee Newsletter

A new edition of NWTRCC’s newsletter, More Than a Paycheck, is out. The contents include:

  • “Bringing Light into Darkness” — Marcus Page and Mike Butler discuss their civil disobedience action at Los Alamos National Laboratory in support of the War Tax Boycott
  • Some brief notes on the “economic stimulus” checks, frivolous filing warnings from the IRS that some war tax resisters have been receiving, the IRS’s expanded snitch payment program, limits on the IRS’s ability to seize pensions before they come due, and increasing IRS interest in offshore bank accounts
  • Some news about the status of the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act and about Joshua Goldberg’s war tax resistance in Canada
  • Notes from resisters, including Greg Reagle responding to critics who say that war tax resistance isn’t effective, Melissa Jameson relating stories about how her resistance relates to those around her, and a summary of the story of resister Charles Merrill
  • A plug for my book We Won’t Pay!: A Tax Resistance Reader
  • Some committee business including an announcement of the upcoming national meeting in Eugene, Oregon in and an invitation to readers to help shape the future direction of the War Tax Boycott project
  • Jay Sordean’s review of Smedley Butler’s book War Is a Racket
  • A profile by and of A. Jesse Jiryu Davis, who takes a zen approach to ethical living and tax resistance

Indymedia NewsReal, which is what media-savvy folks on America’s radical left-wing like to imagine CNN will look like after the revolution, has aired the trailer for Steev Hise’s Death and Taxes: Refusing to Pay for War (this starts at about 23:35 into the program).

You may also be interested in a segment that starts at about 13:30 concerning the New Orleans organization Common Ground dedicating the future site of their “Anita Roddick Advocacy Center.” Common Ground Health Clinic was one of the two organizations that were specifically recommended for redirected taxes by the War Tax Boycott campaign.