Authorities Congratulate Themselves Over Rebecca Response

The ruling class in Wales seem to have come to the conclusion by that the worst of the Rebecca Riots were behind them and now the mopping up and self-congratulations could begin. From the Cambrian:


To William Chambers, Esq., Jun.

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Llanelly and its Neighbourhood, held on ,
It was unanimously Resolved,
To present William Chambers, Esq., Jun., with a Piece of Plate, as a lasting Testimonial, that his intrepid conduct during the whole of the Rebecca Riots, — his often-expressed anxiety, and public offer to use his utmost endeavours and influence in getting redressed the great Toll grievance of the country by every lawful means, — and subsequently his fearless devotion as a Magistrate in assisting to put down a bold but insane attempt to destroy the barriers of Law and Social Order, involving as they do in their consequences, personal security, house and home, life, and the sacredness of private property, — are duly appreciated by his Friends, his Neighbours, and his Townsmen; and it is hoped and expected, that many Country Gentlemen, participating in the like feeling, will honour the Subscription List with their names, and the cause with their support.

Subscriptions Received By
  • Messrs. Morris and Sons, Bankers, Carmarthen,
  • 〃 Wilkins and Co., 〃 Llanelly,
  • J.J. Weir, Esq. 〃 Swansea,
  • John Rowland, Esq. 〃 Neath.

This was also thought worthy of editorial comment in the edition:

It will be seen, on reference to our advertising columns, that the inhabitants of Llanelly and its neighbourhood resolved, at a meeting held in that town on , to present Wm. Chambers, jun., Esq., with a piece of plate, as a testimonial of his “intrepid conduct during the whole of the Rebecca riots,” and “for his fearless devotion as a Magistrate in assisting to put down a bold but insane attempt to destroy the barriers of law and social order.” We are satisfied, that no gentleman exerted himself more effectively than Mr. Chambers, in the suppression of these unlawful outbreaks, and we, therefore, trust, the testimonial will be such as to prove to the respected gentleman that his conduct is fully appreciated, no only by his neighbours, but by every gentleman participating in the like sentiment.

This was followed, in the issue, by a letter-to-the-editor that pushed the brown-nosing further:

To the Editor of The Cambrian.

Sir, — Observing in your last paper an advertisement, announcing a public meeting of the inhabitants of Llanelly and its neighbourhood, at which it was unanimously resolved to present William Chambers, Esq., jun., of that town, with a piece of plate, in acknowledgment of his gallant and valuable services during the Rebecca riots, I beg to express my cordial concurrence in the sense of them thus evinced, as well as in the mode proposed to signify the public appreciation of them to the above gentleman, and which I think highly creditable to the good feeling and good taste of the people of Llanelly. I however regret, that the other magistrates of the district were not included in the tribute to be given, as I understand they all (or nearly all) came forward, and acted with zeal and firmness, as far as circumstances required, and in so doing, exposed themselves to inconvenience, and equally to threats of assassination. This omission is, perhaps, still not too late to be remedied. The oversight, however, will not prevent my joining in the testimonial to one of their number, and if you, or one of your readers, would do me the favour to inform me to whom I am to forward my subscription (the advertisement, unfortunately, not giving the names of the committee, or of any gentlemen with whom I could communicate), I, as one of the country gentry referred to, should feel much obliged. [The reference sought by our Correspondent, he will find supplied in our present number.]

I am, sir, your obedient servant,
Swansea, .