Review: “We Won’t Pay: A Tax Resistance Reader”

There’s a new issue of NWTRCC’s newsletter, More Than a Paycheck. It includes a brief review of We Won’t Pay! from Don Kaufman (author of The Tax Dilemma and What Belongs to Caesar):

Don Kaufman (Kansas) recently sent this note: “As of yesterday I have completed reading David M. Gross’s magnificent tax resistance reader titled ‘We Won’t Pay!’ Yes, I read all 566 pages. It is an amazing resource for historical information on conscience, dissent, government, militarism, nonviolence, patriotism, peacemaking, religious freedom, responsibility, revenue refusal, tax redirection, truth, violence, and war. The challenge now is for us to find readers who will dedicate time to read and digest material which will make a difference in our daily living.” Available from createspace or David Gross is a member of NWTRCC’s Administrative Committee.

Also in this issue:

  • NWTRCC coordinator Ruth Benn reflects on the recent troubles in Gaza and encourages people to renew their pledge to boycott war taxes in .
  • An update on the legal taxable income baseline for and on how much income is exempt from IRS levies, a note about how some banks are charging exorbitant processing fees when they submit to a levy, and some other news about tax policy and enforcement changes.
  • Some news about the international conscientious objection to military taxation movement
  • News about a celebration of the Wally Nelson Centenary to be held in Massachusetts, brief notices of a few books that have been published recently by war tax resisters, some information on the activities of War Resisters International, and another call to order some fundraising message scarves while the weather cooperates.
  • Information about resources available to people promoting war tax resistance and/or the war tax boycott.
  • News, including an update about Steev Hise’s tax resistance film project, the new NWTRCC “Speaker’s Bureau”, a request for nominations for people to fill two seats on the NWTRCC administrative committee that will open in , and a call to begin a discussion on whether or not it would be a good idea for NWTRCC to endorse the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act.
  • An update from a new war tax resister, John Parrish who, along with his wife Kate, dipped their toes into the tax resistance pool with a token $50 resistance. They were surprised and alarmed when the IRS shark came for the toes and took the whole leg — assessing a $5,000 “frivolous filing” penalty on John and then another one on Kate! With the help of the folks at NWTRCC, their Congressman, and “the IRS Legislative Advocates” they managed to get the fines removed. John tells the story.