Rebecca and Her Daughters Destroy Toll Gates

Here’s another example of a contemporary Welsh newspaper article covering the Rebeccaite anti-tollgate campaign, from the Cambrian:

Rebecca and her Daughters.

, the lawless band, known by this name, destroyed another toll gate on the Whitland Trust. Their mode of procedure shows that their leader well knows how to act, so as to avoid detection, or contact with the military. Hitherto all efforts to discover them have been fruitless. It is reported, that while they were in the act of demolishing one of the gates, the week before last, they sent word to that effect to the Yeomanry, who were stationed at another gate. On receiving this report, the yeomanry immediately hastened to the spot, but on their arrival, they found to their mortification, that the gate was already levelled with the ground, and the rioters fled. It afterwards was seen that the reason for conveying this report to the cavalry was, to induce them to quit the gate at which they were then stationed, in order that the mob might do the work of destruction on that also, without molestation from the troopers. Accordingly, on the return of the latter, they discovered that Rebecca “a’i phlant” had been there during their absence, and had accomplished their design. On , another detachment of Yeomenry started from Haverfordwest, to relieve the company on duty during last week; they are armed with pistols and carbines, and carry 20 rounds of ammunition each. A letter was last week received by William Owen, Esq., Mayor of Haverfordwest, signed by Rebecca, informing him, that she and her children intended shortly visiting [–] this, it is thought, is only a hoax.

Destruction of a Toll Gate

This town was morning, thrown into no small excitement, by the discovery of the loss of the toll gate erected at the top of Prendergast, on the Fishguard road. It appears that some evil disposed persons, moved, it is thought, by the desire of emulating the fame of “Rebecca and her Daughters,” in the adjoining county, on the night of last, lifted the gate off its hinges, and carried it to a field at the distance of about a quarter of a mile. Early on morning, a search was instituted for the missing gate, and about noon it was found in the field, sawed to pieces, and quite useless except for fire wood. It is supposed that the plot was executed by at least half a dozen persons, as the gate was very heavy, and no disturbance was made. At present there is no clue whatever to the discovery of the offenders.