Rebecca Boldly Reseizes Distrained Goods from Bailiffs

From the Cambrian:

Police Movements.

Eleven policemen belonging to the London police force arrived in this town on by steamer from Bristol. We understand that they have since proceeded to Carmarthenshire, with the view of assisting the authorities “to catch Becca.” Though the Metropolitan force may be adepts at thief catching in the various resorts for such characters in London, it is difficult to believe that they will be more successful in breaking the combined and organised forces of Rebecca than the military, who, week after weak have scoured the country in vain.

Attack on Bailiffs.

At Maesgwenllian, near Kidwelly, several bailiffs were put in possession for arrears of rent, to the amount of 150l.; but about , Rebecca and a great number of her followers made their appearance on the premises, and after driving the bailiffs off, conveyed away the whole of the goods distrained upon. As soon as daylight appeared, the bailiffs returned, but found no traces of Rebecca nor of the goods which had been taken away.

Claims on the Hundreds in consequence of Losses by Rebeccaism.

An enquiry was held at the Guildhall, Carmarthen, last week, before a large bench of Magistrates, to assess the amount of damage sustained at certain toll-houses, in consequence of the proceedings of Rebecca and her daughters. A great number of witnesses were examined and cross-examined at great length, the enquiry lasting for five successive hours. At the conclusion an order was made to pay for the damage done at Minke toll-house, amounting to the sum of 15l. and 3l. 7s. 6d. costs of the application; for the damage done at Porthyrhyd toll-house, the sum of 29l., with the sum of 2l. 6s. costs of application, together with 3l. 7s. high constable’s claim — for the damage sustained by Evan Thomas (the Porthyrhyd lion), by the destruction of his furniture, 2l. 1s. 6d., and costs 2l. 4s.; and high constable’s charges, 1l. 1s. 8d. Croesllwyd toll-house was to have been brought forward, but the justices were occupied so long in the foregoing enquiries, that it stood adjourned to a future day. These expenses, of course, fall on the respective hundreds [districts].