Rebecca Attacks Porthyrhyd, Pompren, Pumfold, Pontyberem, Kidwelly…

The Cambrian tells of the destruction of the Porthyrhyd, Pompren, Pumfold, and Pontyberem gates, the Kidwelly, Llanddarog, Rhydypandy, and Minke toll-houses, and the Bolgoed bar, as the Rebecca movement continues to grow:

Rebecca Again.

On , the above Lady and her faithful and obedient children, paid a visit to the Porthyrhyd gate, which they destroyed in a very short time. The number of persons employed in the destruction of the gate, has been represented as consisting of “several hundreds;” but we are credibly informed, by a person who viewed the whole operation from the window of a house in the immediate neighbourhood, that the number present did not exceed from fifteen to twenty. There were about half the number on horse, and the others on foot. They had their faces blackened, and were dressed in white, or rather what at one time had been white, but having seen so much service, they were then nearly the opposite colour. There might have been a greater number in readiness, in case of emergency, but the actual number at Porthyrhyd gate did not exceed twenty persons. — Llanddarog toll-house was destroyed on , together with Minke toll-house. The party compelled three constables, who had been sent there for the protection of the latter toll-house (the gate having been previously destroyed), to assist them. — Pontyberem gate was destroyed on . The pillars of this gate were manufactured of cast-iron. — On , Pompren gate, situated near Llandilo, on the road leading to Llangadock, was entirely destroyed, and cut up to pieces fit only for firewood. Guns were fired, and the usual signals announced their approach, as on all other occasions. — On , Kidwelly toll-house was levelled to the ground, the gate having been previously removed. Our reporter passed through this gate on , when the house was complete, but in returning on , the only intimation that there was “something to pay,” was the toll-collector, standing on the road-side, who state, “that by compulsion” he did business on the voluntary principle, as some paid him their tolls, and others passed without paying. — On , about fifty of Rebecca’s daughters destroyed the Bolgoed bar, which had lately been re-erected, after having been destroyed a short time since. They compelled the toll-collector at Pontardulais gate to go with them and assist them, having nothing about him but a coat, which he usually wore in receiving tolls at night. After having dispensed with his services, they chained him in a stable attached to a public-house in the neighbourhood, called the “Farmers Arms.” The party were all dressed in women’s clothes, and were otherwise disguised.

Rebecca in Glamorganshire.

We have on several occasions recorded the feats of the above now notorious lady in the three Western counties, viz.:– Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, and Cardiganshire, but we believe the following is the but second instance in which she has “taken possession of the gates of those who hate her” in our own county, though some of the London and many of the English provincial papers have not hesitated to represent Glamorganshire as being in so bad a state as the three counties already named. The feat to which we allude was performed at the Pumfold gate, near the Three Crosses, Gower, on or rather , when a number of persons (some say about sixty, and others represent them as being many more) who had their faces blackened, and were otherwise disguised, amidst the firing of guns, entirely destroyed the gate, posts, and all the “appurtenances thereto pertaining,” excepting the toll-house, which they had ascertained belonged — not to the Trust, which are characterised as “those who hate her,” but to Mr. Eaton, a farmer, residing near the place. The party also destroyed a chain which was placed across a by-road, and intended as a kind of protection to the gate. A portion of wall along the road-side was pulled down. They sent the toll-collector to the house, and threatened to shoot him if he had the presumption to peep out either through the door or window. Mr. Eaton, the owner of the toll-house approached them, but he was soon compelled to retreat having been assailed by a volley of stones, pieces of the gate, &c. It is reported that they had contemplated the destruction of another gate in the neighbourhood, but as dawn was approaching they abandoned their design. — As we were going to press, we learnt that the Rhydypandy gate and toll-house, two miles distant from Morriston, on the road to Clydach, were entirely destroyed .

Mr. Potter, the Mayor of Haverfordwest, received a letter from Rebecca, on , saying that she intended paying him a visit ; but this was no doubt a hoax, as her ladyship did not make an appearance.