Irish Copycats Learn Tollgate Destruction from Rebecca

The Rebeccaites in Wales seemed to have inspired some copycats in Ireland (from the Monmouthshire Merlin):

Rebecca in Ireland.

 The Cork Examiner of contains the following curious announcement:– “ the followers of Rebecca in this country disturbed the quiet of the little town of Buttevant, by demolishing a branch gate, erected one week since on a bye-road immediately leading to the town. Since the erection of the gate considerable dissatisfaction was evinced by the farmers who go to market by that road; the consequence was an immediate rise in the price of provisions, to the great detriment of the poor, who were obliged to pay 4d. and 5d. per weight for potatoes, instead of half that price, which was only demanded before. We sincerely hope that anything resembling the Rebecca riots in Wales will not extend to this country.”