A Mutual Aid Insurance Program for War Tax Resisters

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From the Cambrian:

Appointment of Overseers

On , a Special Petty Sessions was held at our Townhall, for the purpose of passing the accounts of the Overseers for the various parishes in the Hundred of Swansea, and also for receiving the lists of their successors. The Magistrates present were T. Edw. Thomas, Thomas Penrice, L. Ll. Dillwyn, Esqrs, and the Rev. Samuel Davies. … The accounts of the parish of Ilston and another parish could not be passed, in consequence of the non-compliance of the Overseers with an order, that 18l. for defraying the expenses of constables, who were employed to watch the gates during the late Rebecca disturbances, should be contributed by each parish. The Overseer declared that the parishioners positively refused paying the rate, knowing the purpose for which it would be applied. Mr. Attwood informed him, that the only course would be to obtain warrants against the parties refusing, or he (the Overseer) would be held personally responsible for the amount.