Rebecca Isn’t Finished Yet

By the Rebecca Riots had mostly run their course, but Rebecca was still at least somewhat on the alert. Here’s a note from the Hereford Journal as found in The Cambrian ():

Rebecca Again.

In carrying out the provisions of the late Act of Parliament relating to the Turnpike Trusts in South Wales some of the gates in the neighbourhood of Brecon have already been removed, the tolls reduced, and the distances between other gates are about being equalised. Among the latter the turnpike-gate near the ninth milestone on the Merthyr road, is to be removed and a new tollhouse erected this side of the Story’s Arms. This building was last week in course of erection, and in a few days expected to be finished; but lo! on , upon the workmen going to their work, the new toll house had disappeared, and the men were struck with astonishment at the industry displayed by the parties who had in so short a period levelled their work.

’s Cardiff and Merthyr Gardian adds:

Information of the circumstance was brought to the Magistrates without loss of time, and strong suspicion rests upon parties residing not many miles from the spot. Police officers have been sent to the locality, where they are ordered to remain until the house is again raised. In the meantime every exertion is being used to trace out the perpetrators of this rash and foolish act.