The Latest News from the U.S. War Tax Resistance Movement

The latest news from the U.S. war tax resistance movement:

  • Erica Weiland reviews American war tax resister Frances Crowe’s memoir, Finding My Radical Soul. “Now 96 years old, she is still an activist and still getting arrested for civil disobedience.”
  • Ruth Benn reflects on “The Mysterious Ways of the IRS — the agency seems arbitrary and unpredictable at times in the ways it responds to war tax resisters.
  • The three activists who boldly broke through security at the Oak Ridge nuclear weapons plant in have had their sabotage convictions reversed on appeal and are no longer being imprisoned. One article about their successful appeal concluded: “They are still obligated to pay the government a fine of $52,953 for the break-in at Y-12. But they took vows of poverty decades ago, don’t have bank accounts, and have neither the means nor the intention of paying it.”
  • The War Tax Talk blog has reprinted an op-ed debate that was published in the Sunday Republican of Springfield, Massachusetts back in . It features Juanita Nelson dueling with a U.S. Air Force Reserve Lieutenant-Colonel over the question: “Is it ever right to refuse, on principle, to pay taxes?”