War Tax Resistance in the Friends Journal in 1996

War tax resistance in the Friends Journal in

There was next to nothing in the Friends Journal in about war tax resistance, and what there was largely concerned the ongoing fools’ errand of trying to enact a “Peace Tax Fund” law.

In the issue, the Journal announced that the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund’s “10,000 letters” project had met its goal of “sending 10,000 letters to… congressional representatives in support of the Peace Tax Fund Bill.” According to the note:

The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund… has over 5,000 members, including 50 national religious and peace organizations. Nearly one-third of every federal income tax dollar is spent for military purposes. An estimated 10 to 20 thousand taxpayers violate tax law each year, rather than violate their conscience. Many more taxpayers violate the dictates of their conscience rather than face stiff penalties and fines from the IRS. The Peace Tax Fund Bill amends the Internal Revenue Code so that a taxpayer, conscientiously opposed to participation in the military, can pay taxes in full and have the part of those taxes equal to the current military portion of the federal budget paid into a government trust fund for nonmilitary purposes.

The issue noted that the Campaign had launched a web site, and was also “collecting information regarding war tax resistance for distribution to the.public and members of Congress. The organization is interested in stories about the impact of war tax resistance on individuals’ lives, reasons for becoming a war tax resister, experiences with the IRS, or any other aspect of war tax resistance.”

The issue noted the “international conference on peace tax campaigns and war tax resistance.”

And that, sad to say, is that.