Imran Khan Launches Nationwide Tax Strike to Oust Pakistan Prime Minister

On , Imran Khan, leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, a prominent political party in Pakistan, gave a speech in which he called for a “civil disobedience movement” in which “we will not pay taxes, electricity or gas bills,” to the central government, in hopes of forcing the resignation of Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Tax strike supporters say they believe that Pakistan is over-reliant on International Monetary Fund support, and that the strike may spook the Fund into withholding funds or demanding stronger terms, either of which would weaken the Sharif administration.

Khan’s party is in charge of the government in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, and that government itself plans to withhold its federal taxes and utility payments. Asked what they would do if the government responded by cutting off utility service to the province, province Information Minister Mushtaq Ghani said that they would retaliate by cutting off the neighboring province of Punjab from the power generated by the Tarbela Dam, which is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

From the issue of the Cambrian:


As far as Glamorganshire is concerned, this lady has been pretty quiet during . We have heard of no additional gates having been destroyed. The authorities are still on the alert, and we understand, that several mounted and other police nightly watch the various toll-gates in the neighbourhood. One night last week, the patrol which watched the Pomfald, and one or two other Gower gates, heard fifty or sixty gun shots fired by the Rebeccaites, who, however, did not make their appearance, but the police declare that spies were sent by Rebecca’s daughters to watch the movements of the patrol.

Kidwelly and Three Commotts Trusts.

A Correspondent of the Morning Chronicle says, “At the last meeting of these Trusts, the trustees agreed to a resolution ‘that there were certain grievances to be redressed, and that they would redress them.’ It was then resolved that on the Kidwelly trust thirteen gates were obnoxious, and that on the Three Commotts trust there were ten gates which required removing, as being oppressive and grievous. The Clerk had orders to give the necessary legal notice of the meeting on , to have these gates removed. Not the least singular fact at this meeting (to which, by-the-by, reporters for the public press were for the first time admitted) was, that many of the Magistrates were unaware of the existence of so many gates on the road, and appeared perfectly astonished when they heard them enumerated, and saw them marked on the map prepared for the purpose.”

From the issue of the Cambrian:

Rebecca in the Neighbourhood of Brecon.

On , the Fair Derwin, cross turnpike gale, about two miles from Brecon (on the Builth road), was destroyed by some Rebeccaites. The work was done in a masterly style, in the dead of the night, and the loss of the gate not discovered till about . — We understand that the Commissioners of the Brecon Turnpike Trust have given notice for a meeting to Consider the propriety of discontinuing the different cross gates in the trust.