Italy’s Northern League Plans to Launch a Tax Strike in November

I’d previously noted that Italy’s Northern League had threatened to launch a tax strike in November. It’s been difficult for me to learn details, largely because of the language barrier, and I’ve been a little skeptical since the Northern League has a history of big talk about tax resistance and I haven’t seen much come of it in the past.

That said, in the latest episode party leader Matteo Salvini announced that the strike would begin on and would include businesses of resisters making their sales off the books and sympathetic customers cooperating by frequenting such businesses and paying in cash.

From the Monmouthshire Merlin:

The Toll Grievance.

On , a very numerous meeting was held at Newbridge for the purpose of taking into consideration the Toll grievance of pressure of which this town and neighbourhood have great reason to complain. It appears that there are here three gates within 400 yards of each other. There is a gate at each end of the town, and one in the middle, besides another at the distance of only a quarter of a mile, These, however, are not the only gates felt oppressive, but they are the most flagrant; at one of them the charge for a horse and cart is no less than nine pence. This is indeed, intolerable. The course about to be adopted by the people of Newbridge is one, which reflects much credit upon them, as they prefer appealing to the constituted authorities and the law instead of adopting the violent and illegal course which aggrieved parties in other parts pursued. They intend to memorialize the magistrates of the district, to cause the removal of the obnoxious and illegal gates, and if these gentlemen have not the power to relieve the people, they are determined to petition Parliament on the subject. The violent and unconstitutional conduct of Rebecca has been successful in its object, she demolished the gates, and they are not to be re-erected. — We trust that the inhabitants of Newbridge and neighbourhood will find at least equal redress by obeying the law, with those who took relief by breaking it.