War Resisters League Releases 2015 Pie Chart for U.S. Budget

The list of upcoming actions in the U.S. is beginning to fill out.

The War Resisters League fiscal year 2015 federal budget pie chart shows 45% of your income tax dollar paying for past and current military spending

Here’s the list NWTRCC is putting together. The Global Day of Action on Military Spending () is also assembling a list.

And just in time for events like these the War Resisters League has just updated their popular “pie chart” flyer which is meant to show the percentage of your income tax dollar that goes to military spending.

The chart is based on Obama’s proposed budget for , but from what I hear, nobody really expects his budget to even come up for a vote. Instead, a divided Congress will wrangle their own budget together. Knowing that his budget would be ignored by Congress, Obama decided to use it more as a public relations vehicle than an actual budget.

Part of this public relations included Pentagon budget “cuts” which, though they’re the sort of “cuts” that always seem to leave the budget bigger than it was last year, and though they are accompanied by an anticipated supplemental slush-fund that isn’t part of the budget, still raised howls from the usual warmongers. In any case, the real budget Congress passes is predicted to stuff all of the usual military pork back in.

So the “pie chart,” which is based on the for-show Obama budget, as bad as it looks, probably understates how dreadful the budget will end up looking.