Rebeccaites Threaten Foes with Fire

A London Times reporter, quoted in the Monmouthshire Merlin, sent a dispatch on that included these notes:

I am sorry to state that last night another incendiary fire took place at a farm-house, three or four miles from this town and within two miles of the metropolitan police and a party of dragoons. As it in some degree exemplifies the present state of the country, I will give you the facts relating to it. It appears that a farm called Llanffynone, in the parish of Llanegwad, about four miles from Carmarthen, was occupied by a tenant called Rachel Jones, who finding the rent more than she could pay and live, gave notice to quit it at that rent, at . About it was announced that a farmer, named Thomas Thomas, was ready to take it at the old rent as soon as it was vacant and on , dated Carmarthen, Thomas received through the post office a threatening letter, in consequence of which he was afraid to enter upon the farm, and it remained vacant until last week, when he sent four loads of corn there, which were housed in the outbuildings. the outbuildings were set fire to, but the corn was saved by the exertions of the neighbours.

Meetings of the various parishes round Narbeth, in Pembrokeshire, are being held for the purpose of appointing deputies to act as delegates to state their grievances before the commissioners. To the list of grievances have lately been added objections against the corn-laws. The state of things in that district is very unsatisfactory. I was informed by a magistrate and landowner from there , that it is impossible to get rents paid, and if a distress is put in, the bailiffs are ill-used and the cattle and stock removed in the night. He informed me that he had been obliged to levy a distress for rent on one of his farms and in the night the whole of the cattle and stock were driven away. He had caused a search to be made for them in every direction without effect, and had at length discovered some of them at the bottom of a coal-pit where they had been let down by ropes and were feeding. He also informed me that every landlord who attempts to obtain his rent in this way receives threatening notices from Becca and that nothing but the presence of a large force of military and police keeps the people quiet. This gentleman also informed me that he had been threatened that if he interfered as a magistrate Becca would set fire to his house and burn his property.