A Look Inside the Latest NWTRCC Newsletter

There’s a new edition of NWTRCC’s newsletter out, with content including:

  • NWTRCC co­ordin­ator Lin­coln Rice gives a run-down of some of the “Tax Day” actions taking place this year.
  • Anne Barron relates war tax re­sist­ance to Cop­Watch activism.
  • Some notes about the new Qual­i­fied Busi­ness In­come de­duc­tion, the IRS budget request, tax evasion of “gig economy” workers, the ongoing fake-IRS phone scam, and the difficulty of resisting tariffs.
  • Some ideas and resources to help you with your outreach.
  • Announcements on the death of Joffre Stewart, a memorial service for Tom Wilson, the upcoming NWTRCC national gathering in D.C., and stats about NWTRCC’s social media presence.
  • A profile of war tax resister redmoonsong.

In other news…