London Peace Society Urges Rebecca Rioters to Cease

From the issue of the Cambrian:

The Rebeccaites.

The following Address has been issued by the “London Peace Society” to that portion of the Welsh people known by the name of the Rebeccaites:–


It is with serious concern that we have heard of recent acts of violence perpetrated in Wales, and it is now in a Christian spirit of affection and of sorrow that we venture to address you. — We inquire not here into the causes that may have led to those acts; we do not here seek to point out the penalties of the law to which you are exposing yourselves, but we appeal to you on a higher principle, and would place before you the spiritual, the eternal, dangers you incur by such conduct. — You, in common with ourselves, profess to be followers of the Prince of Peace: but how can the work of violence and destruction be reconciled with the meek, gentle, and peaceable spirit of Christianity? No two things can be more opposed. You have set at defiance the laws, by obedience to which social peace and order are preserved — you have forcibly opposed yourselves to the constituted authorities — you have violated the laws of God. — Whatever the end may be that you propose to yourselves, know you not that we are forbidden to do evil that good may come? The moral power with which men have been endowed may be exerted in strict conformity with the Christian religion; and if it be directed to a true and good object, it will, by the blessing of God, ultimately prevail. — Pause and reflect, we beseech of you — “Consider your ways” — Remember that in an attempt to gain the things of a day, you are risking the welfare of eternity.