New National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee Newsletter

The latest issue of More Than a Paycheck, NWTRCC’s newsletter, is now on line. Some of what you’ll find within:

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

  • You can read more (en español) about Spanish war tax resister Jorge Güemes (see ) at Utopia Contagiosa and Insumissia.
  • You’d think there would be nothing easier for the government than preventing people they’ve already put behind bars from taking money from the government by filing fraudulent tax returns. Apparently not. Despite this being a problem that has attracted news stories and congressional hearings and such for as long as I remember, the amount of money the IRS gives to prisoners for lying on their tax returns continues to rise.
  • It has been illuminating and disturbing how the world’s governments and large corporations have obsequiously bowed to the bleatings of the American hatriarchy and joined in the attack on WikiLeaks. But WikiLeaks has already won this round, and Clinton’s state department are just punch-drunkedly swinging their gloves in the air after the bell.