Forming a War Tax Resistance Affinity Group

From the issue of The Militant:

Pacifists Refuse To Pay Taxes to Aid U.S. Wars

 — Twelve people prominent in the anti-war movement issued a statement on that they would refuse to pay taxes on their income.

They gave as their reason “because so much of the tax paid the federal government goes for killing and torture as in Vietnam, and for the development of even more horrible war methods to use in the future.”

“We issue this statement,” they said, “not only to make known our own intentions, but also to call upon others to consider this manner of stopping their money from going to what they do not want.”

Those who want to sign the statement are asked to send their names to No-Tax-for-War-in-Vietnam Committee, c/o Rev. Maurice McCrackin, 932 Dayton St., Cincinnati, Ohio.

The signers of the statement include: Dave Dellinger, an editor of Liberation; Neil Haworth, national secretary of the Committee for Non-Violent Action; Maurice McCrackin, pastor of the Community Church in Cincinnati; A.J. Muste, dean of the pacifist movement and leader of many action projects; and Harry Purvis, peace spokesman and candidate in the New York area.