Another Nail in the “Écotaxe” Coffin

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

A few more dispatches from the Russian Revolution of , from the Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser on :

Drain the Savings Banks.

Advice to the Workmen.

The Executive Committee of the Council of the Workmen’s Delegates has issued a notice counseling the workmen to withdraw their deposits from the savings banks. The effect of the proposal, if it should be generally carried out, may be gathered when it is stated that according to the last returns, the depositors numbered 5,261,660, and the cash deposits amounted to 943,000,000 roubles, with an additional 215,000,000 in securities.

Rushing to Bankruptcy.

Payment of Taxes Refused.

The Russian Government is rapidly moving towards bankruptcy. The revolutionaries command all the workers, a large proportion of the peasantry, and an increasing proportion of the Army and Navy. The peasants everywhere refuse to pay any taxes, the workers refuse to allow the sale of Government vodka in the towns, thus depriving the administration of one of the greatest sources of revenue, which amounts to £40,000,000 annually.

Sugar merchants refuse to pay excise; Socialists refuse to pay their passport fees and their house taxes. The revolutionaries are aiming to prevent the flow of money into the Treasury, thus rendering inevitable the insolvency of the Government.