Northern California War Tax Resisters Interviewed

, Steven Short aired a piece about Northern California War Tax Resistance on KALW News’s “Crosscurrents” program.

It features brief interviews with Susan Quinlan, Kathy Labriola, and Erica Weiland. Excerpts:

Many war tax resisters donate their unpaid tax money to non-profits, or to The People’s Life Fund, run by the Northern California War Tax Resistance group.

Quinlan: The People’s Life Fund is the escrow account that was established so that people who are refusing to pay all or part of their taxes can put that money in escrow, and the interest from that is granted each year to groups that are doing the kind of work that we feel the government should be doing. The kind of work that’s being cut right now. While the military is allowed to grow, our schools and social services are being cut.

Erica Weiland is on the administrative committee for the [NWTRCC] national office. She says redirecting even a small part of what she considers a “military tax” has rewards that outweigh any fines or possible prison time.

Weiland: De-funding the military opens up a huge amount of money, resources, and time that could be used building up our communities and supporting communities around the world — who need that so much more than they need to be bombed and shot at.