Americans Withholding Their Taxes to Fight Trump

The Guardian carried an article on on anti-Trump tax resistance in the United States: “We will not pay: the Americans withholding their taxes to fight Trump.”

It was widely shared, and then picked up (or commented on, or paraphrased) by a number of other outlets, from the mainstream, to the leftish, to the dittohead. The usual tweets and comment-thread grunting ensued.

It includes quotes from a couple of new resisters, as well as a welcome confirmation from Gloria Steinem that she wasn’t just whistling Dixie when she recently hinted she’d be redirecting some of her income tax:

In an email to the Guardian, Steinem said: “In , we refused to pay the 10% of our Federal income tax dollars that funded the war in Vietnam, and included a letter to the IRS saying so. In before , 500 or so of us listed our names in ads that we published in the New York Times, together with a quote [from] Thoreau on Civil Disobedience, and an invitation to join us.”

She added: “I’m going to do this again by sending what I think should go to Planned Parenthood, deducting it from my Federal IRS return, and including a letter saying so. Though it’s a smaller sum than Vietnam, we won’t just be keeping it or using some to pay for expensive NYT ads, and can add whatever each of us is able to in order to support Planned Parenthood.”

In other news:

General Strike!

what’s being billed as a “general strike” to protest against Trumpism is scheduled for today