I’m Off to the Bogotá War Tax Resister Conference

Tomorrow I leave for Bogotá, Colombia, where I will be attending the 14th International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns, representing NWTRCC at its first meeting as a formal member of Conscience & Peace Tax International, and giving a presentation based on my research into tactics that have been used by varieties of tax resistance campaigns around the world and throughout history.

But that doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. First off, I’m going to get in some sightseeing and Spanish language classes. Then, after the conference, I hope to explore a bit more of the country before coming home. It’ll be a month before I’m back in the States.

Which is to say that things are likely to be quieter than usual in Picket Line land. I’ve saved up some excerpts from the archives that I can post at intervals when I find myself with some time to kill and an internet cafe nearby, but otherwise, I’m on vacation. When I get back I’ll let you know all about how the conference went.

Some bits and pieces from here and there: