“American Quaker War Tax Resistance” is serious business

American Quaker War Tax Resistance (Second Edition) [Edited by David M. Gross. Picket Line Press, 2011. 574 pages. $25/paperback; $7.99/eBook] Gross has made a serious business of investigating and writing about not only the history of war tax resistance, but also tactics that can be used today. In American Quaker War Tax Resistance, Gross uses historical documents to trace the development of war tax resistance among Quakers, and how it was viewed by their contemporaries outside the Society of Friends. He includes writing by famous Friends such as William Penn and John Woolman, as well as individuals less known such as Moses Brown. In a subsequent book, 99 Tactics of Successful Tax Resistance, Gross lays out past campaigns to help war tax resisters of our own time choose from tactics that have already been used.

Friends Journal has finally gotten around to reviewing American Quaker War Tax Resistance, briefly anyway.

I unfortunately released the book during a lull in the magazine’s interest in the topic of war tax resistance (which may correspond to a similar lull in the Society of Friends generally), and it looked for a long while as though they weren’t going to consider the book worthy of mention at all, so I’m pleased to know their readers will learn about it after all.

In other war tax resistance news: