Tax Evasion Can Get You Deported

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

And some notes from tax resistance campaigns overseas:

  • was the deadline for Irish households to register and pay the new household tax. Only about half of them did, and the tax resistance movement there is declaring a victory.
  • critical media review notes that the news media are framing the Household Tax failure as a clumsy government fiasco rather than as a successful grassroots rebellion, and compares this to the Hollywood version of the Vietnam War, which is always lost by the Americans rather than won by the Vietnamese.
  • A retired pharmacist and “won’t pay” movement sympathizer — named Dimitris Christoulas, but referred to in the Greek press, for reasons I don’t understand, as “77chronos” (“77yearold”) — killed himself in Syntagma Square, the location of many of the recent protests of the “indignants.” He left a note decrying the devaluation of his pension, saying “I find no solution but a dignified end, before I have to start looking through the garbage for my food.” Greek protesters are comparing this to the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, which is credited for triggering the Arab Spring.