War Tax Resistance News from the NWTRCC Newsletter

There’s a new NWTRCC newsletter out, with content that includes:

  • “Transformative Nonviolence” — Bob Bady wonders whether the war tax resistance movement is taking a wrong turn by trying “to make war tax resistance more attractive by making it less disruptive and risky.” Instead, he thinks, “we need to find a way to harness risk rather than shy away from it.” He concludes that if war tax resisters are going to be willing to take on such risk, “we need to develop a substructure that better supports, sustains, and nourishes the resister.”
  • Counseling Notes — including the new taxable income levels, a question about whether people who are not tax-compliant can sponsor non-citizens for permanent residency, and some notes about tax law changes and IRS struggles.
  • International News — from tax resistance campaigns in Hong Kong and Italy.
  • Ideas & Actions — some activity of local NWTRCC affiliates, news of the Satyagraha Institute’s upcoming summer training program, a note about the imprisonment of Kathy Kelly for her participation in a protest against the military drone assassin program, and a brief review of David Hartsough’s new autobiography, Waging Peace.
  • NWTRCC News — including announcements of the upcoming national and New England gatherings, a call for nominations for the Administrative Committee, and a note about the War Resisters League honoring NWTRCC coordinator Ruth Benn with its Ralph DiGia Award.