Democrats Could Not Be More Inept in Dealing with Iraq War

“rad mennonite” at Daily Kos, noticing with chagrin that the new Democratic Congress can’t even get a non-binding resolution about Iraq right, reminds anti-war liberals that “the power of the purse” doesn’t begin and end with Congress.

As Feingold reminded his colleagues, “The power of the government rests with the people.” He was referring to the powerful statement made by the people and for the people on . The fact is, though, we have more than the power of the vote. We have the power of the purse: our own purses.

“rad mennonite” goes on to give a good overview of war tax resistance to the Kos crowd.

Meanwhile, Jessica Lee at The Indypendent asks a variety of anti-war activists for their opinions on new tactics for stopping the war that go beyond marching in the streets or complaining to Congress. Among those who took up her challenge was Ruth Benn of NWTRCC:

While the elections pivoted the antiwar movement to focus its main strategy to politically-leveraging the new Democratic majority to introduce legislation to cut off funding for the war, thousands of Americans have already stopped paying for all wars.

“If you invest in war, you will get war,” said Ruth Benn, coordinator for the War Resisters League and National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. Benn estimates that at least 8,000–10,000 Americans are currently war tax resisters, however, for the movement to gain a real foot-hold it would need visibility from larger antiwar groups. “Most peace movements are non-profit organizations, thus are scared to promote this type of action,” Benn said.

Aside from participating in tax resistance, Benn explained that, “Many people choose to reorganize their lives around an anti-capitalism lifestyle.”