The Autobiography of Ammon Hennacy

Today I’m very excited to announce the release of ebook versions of Ammon Hennacy’s autobiography: both his original The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist and his later, revised The Book of Ammon.

Hennacy, in keeping with his anarchist principles, released both books free from copyright protection. Honoring this decision, these new ebook versions are free of charge and in the public domain.

Click on the book covers below to go to a page where you can download these ebooks. Here are instructions for how to transfer the books to your ebook reader of choice.

Ammon Hennacy’s “The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist” Ammon Hennacy’s “The Book of Ammon”

Months of work have gone into these new editions: polishing up the syntax of Hennacy’s roughly-edited originals, improving the typography, adding metadata and convenient navigation, and so forth. Thanks in particular to Ken Freeland, who went over the book sentence by sentence, stubbornly fighting against Hennacy’s comma-aversion.

If you’d like a refresher about who this Ammon Hennacy character is, try these Picket Line entries:

The “One-Man Revolution” of Ammon Hennacy
I took Hennacy’s autobiography to Mexico with me and read it while camping there, and more than any other book I can remember reading in recent years, it’s changed my attitude and the way I live my life.
The One-Man Revolution (The Only One That’s Coming?)
I analyze the theory of the “one-man revolution,” in particular as it was developed by Hennacy and Thoreau.
Newspapers Interpret the Work of Ammon Hennacy
I reproduce some contemporary newspaper accounts of Hennacy’s protests and other activities.