New Links of Interest to War Tax Resisters

Some war tax resistance links that have crossed my browser in recent days:

  • An article about Jeff Dietrich of the Catholic Worker movement includes these notes:

    Almost daily for the past four decades, Jeff Dietrich has been in jail or feeding upwards of 1,000 people at the Catholic Worker Kitchen at 6th Street and Gladys Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.

    At night, whether in jail or at home at the Catholic Worker hospitality house in Boyle Heights, Dietrich writes about protests and the poor for the Catholic Worker Agitator. The monthly newspaper’s subscription is $1/year and not tax deductible because the Los Angeles Catholic Worker is not a 501(c)3 non profit.

    The IRS has long since given up threatening to jail Dietrich for failing to pay taxes. Dietrich never pleads innocent nor asks for mercy during sentencing after being arrested for civil disobedience.

    He knows that he will sleep peacefully in jail and his prosecutor, judge and jury won’t.

  • At War Tax Talk, Ed Hedemann writes about the rare American tax resisters who have spent time behind bars for their stand. “[O]ut of the tens of thousands of war tax resisters since World War Ⅱ only 31 have been imprisoned for their resistance and, of those, only two (James Otsuka in and Tony Serra in ) were jailed for actually refusing to pay taxes.”
  • Elaine M. Gibson has joined the ranks of war tax resisters. Gibson withheld 7.8% of her annual income tax and sent it instead to the Conscience Canada Peace Tax Trust Fund. “The organization says it will hold the money in trust and will return it any time it is requested. It uses interest from the Peace Tax Trust Fund for operating expenses.”