In “The Nation” I Applaud Chris Hedges’s Tax Resistance Pledge

The Nation published some letters in response to Chris Hedges’s war tax resistance article, including one from me:

Chris Hedges has the right idea. Too many Americans who should know better are content merely to disapprove, tsk-tsk, wave signs or protest at rallies. It’s way past time to put our money where our mouths are. I’m only surprised Hedges has drawn his line in the sand as far back as he has. For me, the government crossed that line with the Iraq invasion in . I stopped paying federal income taxes then and have since reduced or eliminated my contributions to other federal taxes as well.

Now I’m putting all of my time and money on the side of my values instead of letting Congress spend it on Pentagon priorities and political pork. Why wait for the next atrocity? Join the War Tax Boycott today. There are many ways to resist taxes: legal ways and ways that require civil disobedience, safe ways and ways that take courage. There’s a method that’s right for you.

The war tax resistance pledges keep coming:

I feel certain fear. / The price I must pay / For a conscience clear / And for peace, I pray
Michelle Shocked, Los Angeles, California
What can we do now but knock it up a notch? I’m with Code Pink on this one.
Jill Sobule, singer/song writer
I have been a war tax resister for 24 years. For the last several years, I have not owed any tax money. When I realized that , I would be paying for the war in Iraq, I withheld the approximate eight percent of my tax dollars that would fund the Iraqi war and sent those funds to Code Pink, which has worked tirelessly to stop this extremely immoral war. I know that it is only a small step on my part, but it is one step that I felt I must take. It would be great if all of us who oppose this war would take that step; the impact would be enormous. Perhaps someday people will understand that there is no reason to fear the IRS, we have the power, and they do not. And without our money, our government would have a hard time fighting wars.
Wendy Emrich, Philanthropist and mother
[T]he Bush Administration has done a very good job of convincing us that nothing we do will make difference. Doing nothing contributes to the supporting the war. The one act we can take is to withhold a portion of our taxes. Yes, it is a risk, but if we are not willing to take a risk, then we are part of the problem.… We need hundreds of thousands of tax payers to join us. That goal will be achieved one tax payer at a time. If we want to bring an end to the war, we have act. We invite all tax payers to become part of the solution by joining the war tax resistance movement.
Jim Allen, Sociology Professor, St. Louis University
Congress and the American people would rather send our diminished tax dollars to Iraq than make the hard decisions we must make as human beings who are collectively still waging a brutal war in Iraq. All that is asked of us is that we pay taxes to fund whatever our government can come up with next. All that is asked of you now when it comes to this war — is that you do not! Our soldiers do not want our tax dollars or theirs spent on keeping them in Iraq. They want to come home and have health care and support to heal from a war that will affect them and their families for the next three generations. There will be no tax dollars for them here, as long as we keep sending more over there.
Patricia Foulkrod, documentary filmmaker
I will not be paying any taxes until our government starts to develop nonviolent solutions for international problems.
Joy Ellison, Vancouver, Washington
In the tradition of the patriots that founded this country, we must speak out against tyranny!
Suzanne Wheatley, Silver Spring, Maryland
I do not support the Iraq war nor will I support a war with Iran!
Karen Gray, Plainfield, Indiana
I do not want my taxes used to support illegal wars.
Nancy Gilbertson, Moravia, New York
About damn time someone had such a good idea.
Bert McKinley, Chamblee, Georgia
Our Government has taken the country into illegal wars based on lies, and does not act in our best interest. Tax resistance seems to be needed to move our country and the world in a better direction.
Marion Ward, Vancouver, Washington
Why wait?! I’m already redirecting my taxes from the IRS/Pentagon axis to peaceful groups.
Ed Hedemann, Brooklyn, New York
Get up — stand up! Non-violent civil resistance is essential.
Kyle Finch, Topanga, California
This I believe important: don’t pay for what you believe is evil.
Meg Palley, Nevada City, California
Whatever it takes to make a difference for my children and their children and their children’s children’s children.
“Gramma of 4,” Long Beach, California
Not only does our humanity demand that we put an end to war, the challenges of Global Climate Change and Peak Oil make it mandatory that we shift our priorities now.
Elizabeth Morrison, Los Angeles, California
I cannot live with the hypocrisy of protesting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while, simultaneously, paying to fund these wars with federal income taxes. I must obey my conscience. It is the right and reasonable thing to do.
Louise Legun, Allentown, Pennsylvania
I have been a war tax resister , and have been through numerous struggles with the IRS to resist paying taxes for war. I have refused to pay taxes and the IRS has eventually collected from me by taking the money from my bank accounts, and each year I still refuse to pay them. I would urge anyone who opposes the war in Iraq to refuse to pay some or all of your federal income tax, and send a letter to the IRS with your 1040 forms stating why you are refusing to pay. It may seem risky or frightening but I urge you not to be intimidated by the IRS, they will not throw you in jail or take your house; if you don’t pay they will send you letters demanding payment, and eventually will take money out of your bank accounts (if you have anything in your accounts). The worst that will happen is that they will take the money you owe them and add on some extra fees for penalties. I strongly support Code Pink’s tax boycott campaign.
Kathy Labriola, Berkeley, California
No longer can I hold hands with such villainy.
Matt Dinsmore, Asheville, North Carolina
Thank you for the impetus and support in this campaign to resist paying for the wars. Perhaps a rebuild Iraq fund can be started for our diverted tax money.
Kaye Werner, Bellingham, Washington
Yes, let’s cut off the fuel lines to this war machine!
Brian Ciesko, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cannot wait to see what tax season brings!
Kelly Dolcini, Sacramento, California
I am already a war tax resister, . I highly urge folks to withhold all of their taxes until we elect leaders who, to put it simply, put people before profits…
Nancy Jakubiak, Clarksville, Indiana
I’m not paying whether or not anyone else doesn’t.
Rebecca Cummings, Vernalis, California
I refused to pay Federal 1040 additional taxes in . I currently owe over $4,000, and am making small monthly payments. I sent letters to the IRS and my respresentatives stating my position. I also sent those letters to the National War Tax Resistors Coordinating Committee, for publication on their website. I am looking for a few other courageous souls to join me. Thanks for making this commitment.
John Phillips, Lake Forest, California
I’ve marched and written copious letters to my reps, to no avail. Sign me up so I can help end our illegal Iraq occupation.
Laila Selk, La Honda, California
As a military family member, I will not spend one more dime on this illegal, immoral occupation that is breaking the military and its families.
Stacy Bannerman, Fife, Washington
This government is criminal and it is illegal to support it financially!
anonymous, Boston, Massachusetts
I’ll send this to as many people as I can — we must act collectively to end the illegal occupation!
Diane Haugesag, Minneapolis, Minnesota
It is time to put our money where our mouth is.
Joseph Durocher, Orlando, Florida