Video: The War Tax Resistance Movement in Western Massachusetts

The documentary Path of Greatest Resistance is now available on-line. It was made by Bill Hector Weye and Emily Harding-Morick in . It focuses on the arrest of Randy Kehler during his war tax resistance, but covers the war tax resistance movement in general, particularly the local war tax resistance scene in Western Massachusetts.

Aside from Kehler, some of the resisters who appear in the documentary are Andrea Ayvazian, Daniel Sicken (who performs the best war tax resistance blues tune I’ve yet heard), Wally Nelson, Brayton & Suzanne Shanley, Henry Lappen, Amy Martyn, and Erik Schickendanz.

Tax resistance history buffs (there must be more of us out there somewhere) will appreciate the shout-outs to the Shays Rebellion, another tax revolt in Western Massachusetts 200 years earlier.