War Tax Resister Elizabeth Boardman Tries Legal Challenge

California war tax resister Elizabeth Boardman has filed a Claim for Injunctive Relief against the IRS.

Boardman says that the agency is violating the First Amendment right to freedom of religion, and to the later Congressional bolstering of that right by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, by labeling her war tax resistance “frivolous” and failing to provide a taxpaying method that accommodates her sincere religious beliefs forbidding her to pay for war (Boardman is a Quaker).

At a luncheon held to mark the filing of her Claim, actor Jeffrey Viguie, playing the part of 18th Century Quaker John Woolman, addressed the attendees, and read from the “Epistle of Tender Love and Caution” in which Woolman and others promoted war tax resistance to the Society of Friends in 1755.