Conscience Studio Highlights War Tax Resistance

I think I’m a little late to this party, but it only now showed up on my radar. Conscience Studio is a Quaker-oriented group that focuses on living life conscientiously. They have a service program centered on development and human rights issues in Indonesia, and a strong war tax resistance focus.

Among the war tax resistance-related pages on their site are:

A Declaration of Conscience
A declaration you can sign to complain that, against our deeply-felt values, “we are all ultimately compelled to pay taxes used for military purposes, and that we have a continuing liability to do so in the future. We have thus been obliged, and are being obliged, in direct violation of our consciences, to be complicit in the funding and waging of war.”
Signators of Declaration of Conscience
Nadine Hoover’s signing statement.
Writing a Statement of Conscience
Some recommendations for how to format your statement of conscientious objection and what points to cover.
Notes from Margaret Fell, Karen Reixach, Jens Braun, Kristin Buchholz, Peg McIntire, the New York Yearly Meeting, and others.
Frequently Asked Questions
Of which there is one, apparently: “Can I still write a statement of conscience while in the midst of the internal debate [over how far I’m willing to go]?”
Includes reports on war tax resistance from Nadine Hoover, Dan Jenkins, Karen Reixach, and Tom Rothschild.

Signing a Declaration of Conscience About Paying for War