War Tax Resistance Documentary Now Available Free On-Line

So at this point I owe the IRS roughly $10,000 that I have refused to hand over. They haven’t tried to do anything about it — even to contact me —  when they tried to levy a bank account I’d closed long ago.

Finally I got another letter from them, but it’s very weak sauce indeed. They seem to have regressed to an earlier point in their enforcement flowchart, and only sent me a “Letter 2050” begging that I “Please Call Us About Your Overdue Taxes or Tax Returns” — the same letter they sent me in , , and . It asks me for contact information, explains their penalties-and-interest process, and gives an accounting of my overdue amounts.

The NWTRCC-produced war tax resistance documentary Death & Taxes is now available on-line.

There are some brief shots of me at around the 12-minute and 29-minute marks if you’re curious about the man-behind-the-blog.