Help Make a War Tax Resistance Documentary

As I’ve mentioned here once or twice before, there’s a new war tax resistance documentary in the works that Steev Hise is putting together.

He’s shot about 50 hours of footage — mostly interviews with war tax resisters around the country — and has entered the home stretch of post-production.

But now he’s worried that he’s got too many “talking heads” shots and not enough action shots. Not too surprising — war tax resistance is an act of refusal that is more defined by actions we don’t take rather than by dramatic, filmable, actions we do.

But there are a number of actions that run parallel to war tax resistance that might make for the kind of scenes he’s looking for, and to that end, he’s put out a call:

I’m writing to ask for your help with a documentary I’m making, currently in post-production, about war tax resistance. (The film is called Death and Taxes, and a trailer can be seen here:… I need more “action” material that is relevant to the topic — demonstrations, press conferences, protests, street theater, tax day rallies, even stuff like relevant signs or banners being held up (or t-shirts being worn, etc) at more general anti-war events. Almost anything other than people just talking!

Have you (or someone you know) shot anything like this over the years anywhere in your coverage of activist events in your community? If so, please get in touch by writing me at