Mennonite War Tax Resisters

Some bits-and-pieces from around the web:

  • Susan Balzer writes about Men­non­ite war tax resist­ers for the Men­non­ite Weekly Review. Some of the resisters mentioned: Tim Godshall, Willard and Mary Swart­ley, Ray Gingerich, Harold A. Penner, John and Janet Stoner, Albert and Mary Ellen Meyer, Don Kauf­man, Titus and Linda Gehman Peachey, and Stan Bohn.
  • Charles Merrill, who has been resist­ing taxes in protest against the govern­ment’s refusal to give equal legal recog­ni­tion to same-sex mar­riages, is urging others to join him in a national “Tax Tea Party Revolt”:

    A Tax Tea Party Revolt will be the only recourse avail­a­ble in the wake of efforts to not provide equal treat­ment to all cit­i­zens under law … This means gays, lesbians, bi­sex­u­als and trans­gender people will not be filing taxes April 15th.

  • War tax resister NTodd Pritsky at Pax Amer­i­cana takes note of the pros­e­cu­tion of a tax evader and wonders if this is going to be his even­tual fate as well. Pritsky is resist­ing both federal and state taxes (as a war tax resister, he is pro­test­ing state com­plic­ity in the mil­i­tary in­dus­trial com­plex and in the wars via the state na­tional guard). Fight­ing this bat­tle on two fronts takes a lot of energy, and he’s not sure it’s worth it.