Sign Up for the War Tax Boycott

NWTRCC is encouraging people who signed up for the War Tax Boycott to sign up again for ’s boycott.

While there is reason to celebrate the end of the Bush presidency and a White House occupied by the Obama family, the kind of change that we want to see won’t come without continued commitment of all kinds of grassroots organizing and pressure. Obama’s plan to end the war in Iraq does not offer the immediacy that that is so necessary to save lives, and with Robert Gates staying on at the “war department,” it’s less clear that “ending the war” means removing all troops and foreign contractors from Iraq. And Obama has made it clear that thousands of U.S. troops will be moved to Afghanistan where civilian deaths are climbing and there’s growing anger at the presence of foreign troops and endless war.

Refusing to be complicit with war is as important as ever. Refusing to pay some or all of federal taxes is a powerful way to say no to war and yes to redirecting those dollars to human needs programs.

We’ve updated the website, and we’re sticking with redirection projects from last spring — Direct Aid Iraq in Jordan and Common Ground Health Clinic in New Orleans. The online form is at, or you can print out a form on the “Tools” page and send it in.