War Tax Boycotters Out in Force at Anti-War March

there were large anti-war parades & such in many American cities. Alas, if parades of this sort were sufficient to stop wars, the Iraq War wouldn’t have started in the first place. But war tax resisters were also out in force, to try to convince the paraders to turn things up a notch by joining the War Tax Boycott.

I helped out at the San Francisco parade and convergence. We handed out hundreds of boycott flyers to the attendees and helped many people who stopped by our booth trying to figure out how they could fit war tax resistance into their lifestyles.

The event was in some ways a typical eye-rolling San Francisco freak show. You know that frequently-heard factoid about how there are more Jews in Manhattan than in all of Israel? I think there are more Communists in San Francisco than in all of Cuba. And of course the “9/11 Truth” folks were swarming like mosquitos. The big surprise for me was the huge Ron Paul for President contingent. I saw more of them than Kucinich for President and Cindy Sheehan for Congress people combined. And they were particularly receptive to the “tax strike” idea.

, Susan Quinlan and I were on Peter Laufer’s show on KPFA (see The Picket Line ). Most of the people who called in to the show were either enthusiastic about war tax resistance or were eager to share their batty Constitutionalist ideas. But there was a third group apparently: enraged liberals, who, too furious at the time to call in and complain, later composed themselves and wrote angry emails to the station.

In Laufer’s follow-up show, he read a few of these complaints on-the-air: