Tax Resistance News from Around the World

Some international tax resistance news that has flashed over my screen in recent days:


  • A report in suggests that the campaign to get Catalan municipalities to send their taxes to the Catalan government rather than to Spain has flopped. According to the report, only 70 to 80 of the 941 municipalities signed on to the largely-symbolic tax resistance plan, even though in 248 of them, Catalan separatists have a governing majority.
  • On the other hand, this report says that Catalonia is well on its way to creating an independent tax agency and that mass tax resistance is only a matter of time.

The U.K.

  • Low-income workers in Britain are becoming subject to council taxes from which they were previously exempt. The councils are expecting mass tax refusal and some are comparing it to Thatcher’s Poll Tax.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo