Strathcona Neighbors Launch Tax Strike in Vancouver

I have some more information about the tax strike in Vancouver, where residents of a neighborhood are protesting the government’s negligence in addressing homelessness and concerns around a homeless encampment there:

  • This CTV News story gives us a summary of what’s going on.
  • The neighbors have signed on to a Declaration of Tax Resistance in Demand of Community Safety that reads in part: “we, the undersigned Strathcona homeowners, declare our intention to withhold property tax payments to the City of Vancouver — by way of deferral, assessment appeal, or other lawful means — until such time as our municipal, provincial, and federal governments act together or individually to meet the following… demands.”
  • The neighbors have also organized a petition (with over 550 signatories last I looked) in which the signers “hereby state our support for Strathcona homeowners who intend to withhold property tax payments”.

In other news: