Thoreau’s “Price of Freedom” Now Available on Kindle

If you’ve been waiting to buy a copy of The Price of Freedom: Political Philosophy from Thoreau’s Journals until you could get it on Kindle — you need wait no longer.

Michael Sonnleitner reflects on war tax resistance at his blog, A Pinch of Salt (excerpts):

Another reunion of sorts this month was with those in the Portland metro area with whom I share a common commitment to War Tax Resistance. I had not seen most of these folks since my return from all of the Fulbright experiences of last year. We met to first organize, then carry out, a protest and educational event for Tax Day (typically April 15th though ). In the morning, I joined in by holding signs on a busy downtown Portland bridge that spans the Willamette River. In the evening, I played moderator for an event involving speakers and the showing of the film Death not Taxes. The point of the film was that while death is certain for us all, voluntarily paying taxes for War is not. We can refuse, as I have done using one strategy or another since . In my comments I encouraged everyone to set aside whatever fears we have of personal loss or what others may say — and just do our best to “sleep well at night”. I know that if my own actions (or lack of action) is too much at odds with my basic values, I do not sleep well. My conscience affects me. Odd as it may seem, war tax resistance for me has nearly no courage associated with it. It is ultimately and quite primarily about sleep!