War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund Issues a Fresh Appeal

The War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund has just sent out a new appeal. Some background:

The War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund is a mutual aid fund designed to assist ourselves in the event of an IRS seizure of interest and penalty amounts. It is a way of spreading the financial cost of resistance and redirection amongst all of us, rather than having it borne only by those few who experience collections. The Fund, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in , is administered by volunteers in North Manchester, IN.

Appeals are sent occasionally, asking each person on the mailing list to send in a certain amount to cover requests for reimbursement of interest and penalties to individual war tax resisters who have had money seized by the IRS. For example, the last appeal was mailed in , seeking $21.07 per member to reimburse three war tax resisters. However much comes in is what is used to split up and reimburse the resisters.

That appeal, the 41st in the fund’s history, netted $6,392 — 87% of what was requested — from the 300 contributors.

The new appeal, in which I am participating as a requestor and as a contributor, is aiming to reimburse four war tax resisters for a total of a little over $10,000 in interest and penalties that have been seized from us by the IRS. Each contributor to the fund is being asked to contribute $33.63 towards this goal.

If you would like to join this mutual aid group, here’s what you need to know:

We encourage you to be part of this important support organization. If you are not already a member send a note to the address below asking to be added to the active member list.

PO Box 25
N. Manchester, IN 46962