Tax Day is Coming and American War Tax Resisters Are Ready

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

From the New York Times:

Woman Cuts Her Tax To Avoid Paying for Arms

By The Associated Press.

Mrs. Caroline Urie, a 75-year-old Quaker widow, who does not want to help finance military preparedness, reduced the first installment of her income tax accordingly today.

Mrs. Urie, who made the news with a similar protest, deducted 32.3 per cent of the first installment because, she said, “war and preparation for war in the atomic era is a crime against humanity.”

She failed last year in her publicized protest. She deducted 34.6 per cent of her estimated tax for but Congress reduced taxes in her income bracket. Her income fell enough below her estimate so that at the Government owed her money.

She said she had made sure this would not happen . She said she would withhold the full amount of “military taxes” by paying only the first installment of the tax now and giving herself until , to pay the final quarter.

Mrs. Urie said she had given the 32.3 per cent, her own estimate, to “three nonprofit agencies working for peace and the abolition of war.”